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The objective of the IT/AI Winter Law School is to draw the participants’ attention to selected current issues in the field of IT law and artificial intelligence.

It is quite often for law professionals, especially in-house lawyers at international corporations, to face a need to negotiate license agreements for software, databases, or CC/SaaS/ASP services. In such circumstances, what comes useful is general knowledge of the principles of software or database protection and of the standards of drawing up license agreements in foreign legal systems.

The IT /AI Winter Law School intends to discuss selected fundamental legal issues concerning the choice of the legal framework of relevance to IT contracts, software protection, database protection, drawing up license agreements pursuant to American, Russian, and German law.

The curriculum of the IT /AI Winter Law School covers also the highly relevant issue of artificial intelligence and smart contracts and, among other things, the rules of liability for damages caused by AI and the legal aspects of AI implementation projects.

As participants of the IT/AI Winter Law School, you will get an opportunity to take part in lectures delivered by outstanding lawyers from Spain, the United States, Russia, Japan, Italy, and Poland. Among the course instructors there are both eminent representatives of juridical sciences and experienced practising lawyers, managing IT projects in their daily practice.